Financial Help for Seniors

Are you 50 years old or older? Are you worried about how you will make ends meet when you turn 65 years old and are told that you should be retired? Take a deep breath, there is financial assistance available for our senior citizens.

Here are some tangible ways to get finanical help for seniors which will be discussed later in the article:

  • Government Grants for Seniors
  • Financial Aid for Seniors (to go to school)
  • Reverse Mortgage Help
  • Senior Discounts
The first that I want to tell you about are government grants. There are all kinds of government grants for seniors. There are grants that are given to local, state and federal charities and organizations to assist with everything from medical services to housing. One of the places that you can contact for more information on this is your states local center for the aging.
Also the United Way can give more ideas on financial help for seniors.Secondly there are ways to get assistance for the seniors that would like to go back to school. Seniors going back to school? Yes, there are some seniors that would love to take a class that they never got to in high school or in collage. There are seniors that love to learn. Financial aid and grants for the seniors that want to go back to school will give the help that seniors will need if they qualify. Financial help for seniors can go a long way, especially if you are in desperate need of money and on a fixed income.

Thirdly we have the reverse mortgages. What is a reverse mortgage? Well, the best way to explain is that it is the opposite of a mortgage on your home. What this dose is that it allows the senior to take money from the equity in their home as a loan. The terms of this loan are a bit different than a traditional mortgage. It can supply a much needed extra income each month, or could come to the senior in a lump sum, whichever the senior prefers. It also needs to be noted that the senior will have to qualify for the reverse mortgage. Two things that are needed before a senior can apply to receive a reverse mortgage is that the senior must be over 62 years old and own their home.

The last suggestion is to ask for the senior discount. There is financial help for seniors available. It is all a matter of finding out what kinds are best suited as a senior or as the caregiver of seniors. Caring for seniors is not always easy, but with this information it can be a little less bumpy. Your best bet for getting financial aid is to contact local organizations that specialize in assisting seniors — there are always a few of these programs in larger towns and cities. Also consider looking at what your local state/province offers in terms of finanical assistance for low income families. Sometimes, there may be tax breaks, grants, food stamps, or other assistance programs in place to assist the needy. Don’t be to proud to look at charity organizations — these can provide free meals, clothing, and other assistance to seniors in need.

Wishing you health and the best financial help for seniors!

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    8 Responses to Financial Help for Seniors

    1. Linda Field says:

      Please help me!

    2. Linda Field says:

      I need help.

    3. maryanne bradley bradley says:

      hi im 58 years old and i have been living here in fl for the last 3 years. i have come from new york. i had a good life at one time. i was an ultrasound tech for 16 years and things were g00d. i lost my job and i bcame diabiable and i ws living with my boyfriend for about 7 or 8 years my disability check was preatty good and so was his. things are now getting bad because ss is taking a preueum out of his check and now leaving him with only with 668 dolloar a month. now all the bills are going to for on me. there is bo more money we just d0 not have nothing. every month it is the sam thing over and over. ive been very depressed and i can not stopped crying every night. i have not even one dollar in my pocket. i pray tgat some day soomething will happen to me and that god will come in to my live and give me a better life. thatnk ypu for listening to me. maryanne

    4. DougD says:

      I am 76 years of age and looking for financial help for the two of us. We are in marginal good health and living on S/S only. We have lowered our regular monthly as low as we knownly can.

    5. Patricia Shipp says:

      I am trying to find out what I need to do to get help for myself while caring for elderly parent. Can you tell me where and what I need to do?

    6. jimmy says:

      think you for this information

    7. paul batista says:

      i am 73yrs old need housing for me and wife and 3 dogs 1 cat need finacial aide we have bad credit mostly medical bills were both crippled we can walk but barley we need a home beem living in a hotel have to pay everyday do not have money everyday our dogs need a yard we need enough money to get in a house or mobile home down payment please advise best soulution

    8. William P Andrews says:

      I am 65 and though I am receiving Social Security it falls far too short for me to survive long where I am living currently.
      There is a great home with dear loved ones waiting for me in Ireland and now living alone is far from the best way to live. I am earning some money also continuing office maintenance work but having no motor vehicle and only having a bicycle to get to my few jobs does not work well and will end as my physical condition is not gaining enough strength to expand that work. Also that offers again only enough to just keep my rent paid.

      If you can help with any donation to me I would surely and deeply appreciate it. Using my email address: to send your donation via PayPal, no matter the size, would so boost my chances to complete what I must here and make my way to a true and happy home in Ireland. I sincerely hope you can and will help me. Truly, Will Andrews

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