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If you want to get financial help, you are going to have to be very proactive in the steps you take. Now, not everyone lands up in a financial mess because they are irresponsible. There are plenty of people who just have had plain bad luck. However, regardless of how you got into financial trouble, you are going to have to take some active steps to get the financial help you need.

Now one of the first things you need to worry about when you have financial help is to manage your debt. Most people in financial trouble have loans or other debt they have to pay. It’s easy to ignore your debt if you find yourself in financial trouble, but this is actually a big mistake. The reason is that not paying off debt can give you very bad credit.

Bad credit can affect your financial options for years to come. For example, with bad credit, it’s very difficult to take out any sort of loan, get a mortgage, buy a car, sign up for a cell phone, etc. You can be in financial trouble and still have good credit if you manage your debt right. If you find you can’t pay off your debt. You should contact your creditors right away and work something out. You can also seek out the services of a debt consolidation company or debt management company to help make your loans easier to repay.

Another cause of financial help is a low paying job. If you are a single parent raising a family, you are particularly vulnerable to low income, since you won’t have the time or money to improve your situation.

If the source of your financial distress is a low paying job, you need to make getting a better job a high priority. This can be down by getting an education in many cases. Going back to school is a challenge – especially if you are in the position of having to care for a family while working, but the benefits can be worth it. You will be able to get a better job after you get your education.

Now, you may think paying for your education is impossible, but this is not so. There are a variety of financial aid programs out there to help offset the costs of school. Government grants, college grants, and private grants. These grants are typically given out on the basis of financial need. There are also scholarships out there for you if you have had good grades in high school. If you spend a bit of time checking out grant and scholarship offers online, you stand a good chance of getting the financial help program you need.

39 Responses to Financial Help

  1. keshav says:

    i need financial help becuase i suffering lots financial commitment our i am from poor family please any body help me

  2. Sholanke Oluwatobi says:

    Please people of the world help me from, I need financial help to further my education because nobody cares to send me to school, and I wand to further my education.

  3. Dorine R Spruill says:

    Hello, and thank you! I am a twenty-six year old single adult. I have no parental help. I have no children and so I am treated as a single indiviual with very limited programs. I am homeless and have been for about a year. I am a freelance selfpublishing writer and did not go to college for that. Some of my work is posted on and under my name Dorine R Spruill. I am working on my first book while being homeless. Using the library as my primary source mto work. entitled “Chronicles of a Street Poet” being that I’m homeless, poor, and a poet. I am asking for funds to help with paying a rent during the cold winter months, and so that I can own my ISBN, barcode, and copyrights. I will be responsible with the funds. Right now I am only receiving foodstamps as a source or income and thats hardly enough $200.00. So if you guys help me out with whatever amount I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you sincerly, Dorine R. Spruill



  5. Evelyn Arlette Wright says:

    I am in financial need. I have been out of work since I suffered a TIA (transcient ischemic attack) stroke on Oct 15 2010 . I had several test done and found out that I have really bad carpel tunnel in both hands that required surgey on both the left hand and the right hand..and then during the course of the year I needed a hysterectomy done…which resulted in horrific shoulder pain I am going to therapy .I also suffer from sleep apnea and chronic asthma. I am in no physical condition to work right now which is causing me great financial debt..if there is anyone out there willing and able to help me ..I would greatly appreciate it until I can get back on my feet…

  6. Evelyn Arlette Wright says:

    I ran into a female at the check cashing place and she was trying to cash a check that someone mailed to her..she told me that she went to this website explained her situation and the next day or two she got a knock at the door with a check to help out her financial situation…so i figured that i would see if i could get the same help..i wrote a letter previously but than i realized that i left out so much..i would like to thank God for allowing me to run into the young lady at the check cashing place . In my previous letter i mainly spoke about why i am in a financial situation due to my health..what i failed to mention is that i am running out of options to make ends meet..I have 10 grandchildren that i would love to help out for the christmas holiday..i also have a son who is in serious need of a good lawyer..i just dont know what to do..God if someone can hear my cry for financial help PLEASE help me

  7. Lester Roberson says:

    I need financial help. I ‘ve been out fo work for a year now due to a injured lower back. My MRI states i have a diffuse disc buldge l4-l5 digenerative disc disease and high blood pressure. I’m unable to stand move walk or perform normal daily activities. Public assistance helps me with medical needs but my rent and utility bills are overwhelming. I also have a 17yr daughter who is doing very well in school and she still believes in me to provide for her. I am praying for help from someone who can .

  8. mariem says:

    Hello everyone.i need help i am a single 47 year old mom and i am in desperate need of money.i have five children and my life is just full bed luck nothing ever god right for me. just i want help my son but i don’t have money.please can help me someone.we need money 14700$ for my son operation.if you can help me and help my son we would be so grateful. my mobile number:00971508845540. my my name mariem.

  9. mariem says:

    please can help me someone. i am a single 47 year old mom and i have five children. my son need help we need money 14700$ for my son operation.please can you help as and help my son. my mobile number:00971508845540. my my name Mariem.pleas help as.

  10. Ashley says:

    hello i have a rehabilitation/treatment doctors appointment on may 30th 2012 at 11 am and from what i owe last month that i couldnt pay and the appointment on the 30 it is gonna cost $285 all together. please help even if its paying the doctor directly please it is so important for me and my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please

  11. Anna says:

    Hello me and my husband needs help. My husband has filed for disability we are just waiting for a response from the appeal. I have tried to find a job since 2009 but have had no luck. My husbands health has prevented him from finding a job as well. He owes back child support because he has not been able to work and neither have I here recently he went to court and was told he need to pay $2115 by May 31st or go to jail for 6 months. We tried to come up with the money but with no luck were we able to come up with the money to pay it. We live with his mom who is disable and can’t help with the payment she is paying all the bills here at the house. I’m preganant and due in October and i could really use help to get my husband out of jail and home with me and his family as soon as I can get the $2115 dollars I can get him home. We would really apperciate the help.

  12. Sam says:

    I want to ask for your help as I am facing a financial crisis at the moment and would appreciate your help. I hate to be in this position however this is my last resort. I am 27 years old, and I just got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I currently work but in the past couple of months I have had several attacks and had to be laid of work. I am in $30,000 in dept and I am having a hard time paying my monthly bills. All I need is this amount and that would make me happy, nothing else.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Thanks a lot,

  13. Promise says:

    I am in serious financial need. I need money to pay for my house rent and start up a petty business. I am a married man with 3 children . If you are willing I know you will help me out and God Almighty will greatly reward you. you can reach me with this phone number:+2348060135828.

  14. Mike says:

    I am a casualty of this recent President. It started a week after Obama was sworn in as The President of the USA, I was layed off my job due to the future policies that Obama had been threatning, with the major new law, Obama Care. Although that law was not implemented at the time, my company President new it was coming, so he decided to start his cut backs, sooner than later. It effected me in the latter month of Janurary, and of Sept. 2013, I still have not been able to find work. Needless to say, I have lost everything, and being 59 yrs of age, the jobs that is out there are jobs that are looking for young people, which are Part Time, leaving me with, standing on corners, begging for a dime, and Hoping for much more. So, if anyone reads this, which I doubt, and if you are in a position to help, my family & I would appreciate any help, thank you

  15. I need financial aid to pay rent and utilities. I am disabled and I really need help right now to avoid an eviction.

  16. Barbara says:

    Please I am have problems paying my bills. I get disability and it is not enough I am only asking for $300. dollars just one time please I am if very need please I need help.

  17. dashoun says:

    Please! Help me, so I can beable to stop my son from being a victim! By me enter acting with, it take money at times but all good things don’t. U will work, but can’t because lost my truck. So I cant work to do the nice things a father can do.when u have no job an hardly able ti catch public transportation. Hepl please! Thanks for your time an action.

    Dashoun Alston

  18. rose says:

    Am christian in deep financial constrain.kinndly help

  19. Regi says:

    Any body help me please

  20. Regi says:

    I need a help from someone with good heart and kindness, I have no option to survive my self I hope some one will do

  21. tabassum banu says:

    i am need of urgent finance as i am press under heavy debts please help me out

  22. Brian Steenhoek says:

    I need financial help, i have 2 properties that are forsale,one a business and the other lakefront property, i owe 2 banks for lines of credit and a visa account, i have bills coming from hydro,heat,business costs that i do not have the cash flow for and the mortgage, i work my store business 7 days a week 14 hrs a day and cannot get ahead until the economy picks up and the nice weather is back, both place are on a lake and my summer traffic is where i make my money, My properties are forsale amount of 560,000.00 and 340,000.00 mortgage looking for 80,000.00 to 100,000.00 to get back on my feet. no one wants to help me,

  23. Aggie says:

    I’m out of job and finds it difficult to met of basic needs.

  24. Chandramalar says:

    I am suffering from debts, please help me from this i need about 50,000 to settle all my debts please help me.

  25. John To says:

    I am in need of getting seven of my teeth fixed. I go to Community Care because I cannot afford
    a Regular Dentist. It will cost $550.00 per tooth which comes to $3,850.00. I also need to get
    caught up and payoff all the bills I am behind on. $8,300.00 will take care of my bills and my
    teeth. Any amount you could help me with would get me out of Debt.
    Please help me.
    John Wagner
    1010 South 22nd Street
    Manitowoc, WI 54220

  26. laarabchi mustapha says:

    i am 43 year old man married with two kids ;my dauter is 5 years ;my son is 9 years i need help .if any one want to help here is my adress .rue sidi bouzid n:42 hay linbiat sale morroco.

  27. laarabchi mustapha says:

    i am a 43 year old man i have financial dificulties please help me if you can

  28. i want to my financial help any one i have a poor man
    i am a paeshant .. iam admit in hospital pleas pleas help me argent thank u any one
    my cell Number

  29. Najeema says:

    i need help to disablid child . i am single mom please help to my son .i have 3 childrens

  30. Patty says:

    I am i need of help i am in south dakota with no family here relTionship gone
    Wrong and i need to get back to my family in iowa please help me and god bless

  31. sumaira says:

    i am very poor famaily kindly my help please reply my email

  32. Elisha Tumwine says:

    hi am in need of money please someone help me thanks

  33. asmathasina says:

    i need financial help.i have 4 children they want studing pls any body help me

  34. rahim says:

    I need financial help to finance my education.

  35. yesudas says:

    i need financial help becuase i suffering lots financial commitment me as iam tacking Rs 8000 Salary.
    but iam not able to return it which i taken for my doughter opraction please any body help me

  36. Richard Robinson says:

    Hi I am needing help to get my home related and a van qhith a ramp so please help me

  37. Richard Robinson says:

    Hi I am needing help to get my home repared and a van with a ramp for my whelchare so please help me

  38. meera soneji says:

    I need money help actually I all money spend on my moms treatment nw she is no more really I need dadly 2day only atleast 40 thousand plzzzzzz help me its very important plzzzzz plzzzzz tell me as soon as possible

  39. eva says:

    Write me in my email.

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