I Need Financial Help Now

I need financial help now. If this describes you right now, then rest assured there are some financial help programs out there.

The first thing you need to do is to define very carefully what sort of financial help you need. Are you in debt and need some financial advice to get out of debt? Well there are debt management services out there that can give you some solid advice about getting out of debt. There are also various debt consolidation services out there that can help you make debt payments more manageable.

One area of financial help that people need is housing assistance. If you are struggling to pay rent, there are various low income housing programs that will help subsidize part of your home. For example, the government has various programs to help pay for part of your rent. Once such program is called the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This is a program that allows recipients to choose a house that meets certain health and safety guidelines. The government will give a voucher which pays for part of the rent.

There are also various housing grants offered by some private organizations. Many of these grants center around single parents.

If you have an emergency bill come up and you need some quick cash, consider looking at some type of payday loan. Payday loans, if used correctly, can give you some quick money. But you need to pay the loan back within a couple weeks, otherwise you could end up in worse financial trouble then you start out in! Besides payday loans, if you own a home, you could get a home equity loan for some quick cash as well.

For a more long term investment in your future, consider looking a getting a grant. Grants are probably one of the best ways for you to get financial help because a grant is essentially free money given to people in financial need. Grants are usually given out with a purpose – you need to use a grant for something specific like going to college, buying a car, starting a business, etc.

Getting a grant is fairly straightforward. You have to first find a grant, and then you apply for it. The key to easily getting grants is to find and apply for as many grants as you possibly can. The more grants you apply for, the better the chance you will see some money. Grants are offered by the government and also by private organizations. The best place to start searching for a grant is online. Spend time looking around checking out all grant offers you see. Typically, if you look at 50 grants, you will only be able to apply for a handful (you won’t qualify for most grants). But the more you send off, the more your odds increase that you will be able to get some money.

If you are thinking “I need financial help now,” you are certainly not alone. There are many other people in your same situation. Fortunately, there are programs that can help you get back on your feet.

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    18 Responses to I Need Financial Help Now

    1. hemant says:

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    2. robert slaunwhite says:

      ineed help with any one person or lender who will help me with a low cost monthly loan , with bad credit , no collateral , and now money to pay up front to get a loan . is there a humanbeen out there with no scams and is willing to trust me that i will pay them back over a 6-8 year plan with no questions asked just need the loan , 1-902-444-0987 or robert_slaunwhite@aramark,ca . thank you and merry christmas

    3. JoAnn Edgens says:

      I need finanical help to pay some of my bill to stay in my home.

    4. Angie says:

      Finding a grant is not as easy as this article just made it sound. I have been looking online for YEARS and have yet to find a way to legitimately apply for government grants. Every website I’ve run across charges for a packet or for the application. If anyone knows a website PLEASE let me, and everyone else know what it is. This article would have been a LOT more helpful if they did that. Also, the housing assistance programs are beyond full. Most places have waiting lists as long as 5 years, if they’re accepting applications at all. So honestly, this article did absolutely nothing to help anyone.

    5. tim says:

      Im in need of financil help fast my child support is killing me i lost my job where i was making $16.50 an hour to a job where i only make $10.60 an hour so i lost about $6 an hour so i ask to have my child support lowered but they said they coulnt do anything i get paid every week and i get $78 a week for a 40 hour work week i had i lost my house my car and now im in debt and cant get out me and one of my kids i have living with me had to move in with mom i really really hate that i have to ask for help but i dont know what else to do i feel so down because ive always been able to support my children and now i cant it hurts i work hard and im not getting anywhere ive hit rock bottom and as bad as i dont want to ask for help but i really really need help getting out of debt and back on my feet my bank account is even in the hole $675 i need help please i just want to give up but i know i cant becaise of my kids so can someone please help me please

    6. Paul Koim says:

      To enter a college to study in the field of science with 20000 students studying in that field to motivate and build better stamdards in the world

    7. Maggie Tomiak says:

      I need to find a private lender that I can borrow 10,000.00 dollars and I claimed bankrupcy in 2010 and my credit is not good trying to rebuild my life need a second chance willing to pay back 200.00 dollars a month for the next 5 years.What I need the money is for my dog is sick and vet bills are expensive and I’m in living in a basement suite with mushroom fungus and my landlord is in Vancouver doesn’t care I’m paying 1250.00 a month for a basement suite and I found a house a whole house for a 100.00 dollars more but I need a damage deposit after I pay bills and food not much is left over and the person upstairs above refuses pay any of the bills he pays what he wants when he wants.Im living off a spring mattress all I’m looking for is a fresh start and to catch my breath is there anyone who is honest and not a scam because that alomost happened to me.I need a little bit of help to get back on my feet again.I have been at my same job for 13 years.

    8. janet moore says:

      need help now the rent is due and all utilities need paid we are behind on loans and have borrowed from every one

    9. i am in urgent need of getting help for my rent.

    10. i am desperate help with rent. my landlord is giving me 5 days to update my rent. can you please help me?

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    12. arnold Barnhart says:

      Hi my name is Arnold and i am looking to be and owner op. of my one truck big rig. it is $300.000 can you help me. I have ben out of work and I am home less and have ben for a long time to long. I can do this I just do not have the mone. you can call me at 714-733-0532 or e mail me at arnoldbarnhart1@gmail.com

    13. I live from different places,my huband passed away and I had cancer.I need help bad.I need a place bad I have no money and I want a place to live.My income is $500 month,so if you ilwill god knows you will be bless

    14. Beverly Miles says:


    15. I’am a 69 year old senior citizen in need of one time help of $5500 to help with my rent for a few
      months so i can set money asside for a dental visit and glasses. I suffer from severe depression,
      chronic foot problems and my eyes are bad. Medicare doesn’t cover dental and glasses. I live month
      to month on social security and a very tiny pension. Money set aside for me in my last job of 21
      years before retirement was lost in stock market. I have been living in cold Nebraska without heat
      so i can be sure i can pay my bill. I was looking for one time grant help. When all must bills are paid
      there is very little left for food so payments on a loan can’t be done. I have been searching and sear-
      ching until i’am full of stress and weary,and my depression worsens. Why can’t a person in need find
      needed help?? Thank you Pat

    16. TENGUE KOKOU says:

      Please i reside in cote d’ivoire and i need to have a training of truck driving school of crengland.com in Fontana Califonia.i have received a subscriber preferebce from Govdelivery,on behalf of u.s.customs and border protection.u.s.department of homeland security.even i have received student identification number from FEMA but in the year 2010,because of the civil war in cote d’ivoire,i have lost many thinks in cote d’ivoire.so i don’t have enough money for the training in usa.Please i need financial help for tis matter.
      THANK YOU.

    17. Lisa M Shearard says:

      I am in serious need of financial help! I am late with my rent I’m being forced to move I need money for a security deposit I have no money at all please any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!

    18. Abdul kalam mandal says:

      i am a kidney transpalent patent. now i am big suffaring to money for mediciine. plz.help me

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