I Need Money Help

I need money help. If this describes your financial situation, you are not alone. In a bad economy such as the one we are experiencing, it’s no surprise that people need money help. If you are in a situation where you need to get some money, there are some options out there: grants, scholarships, loans, and financial assistance programs.

To get money help, you will need to either look at getting a loan or some sort of gift aid. You can of course also simply get a better job – but for many people in a bad financial situation, a lack of a job or a low paying job is often the cause of the money problem in the first place.

The first thing you may want to look at is getting a loan. There are various loans out there for you to pursue – secured loans and secured loans. However, getting a loan will often depend on your credit history. If you have bad credit, you are going to find it hard to get an unsecured loan. Usually, people with bad credit are unable to get loans – though if you do have bad credit, you can get a bad credit loan. Bad credit loans have higher interest rates than traditional loans.

If you need money fast and don’t have good credit, you can look at getting a payday loan. Payday loans can give you emergency funds, but you are going to have to repay the loans as soon as possible as the interest rates are very high.

There is also free money out there for you as well in the form of grants and scholarships. A grant is money given out for some specific need. Grants are given out based on financial need. A scholarship is given out based on merit. Both options are available to you. The best way to find grants and scholarships is to look online. There are a variety of these programs out there for you to apply for. If you want to get this free money, you can start by looking at the government grant website to see a list of government grants. Some colleges may offer grants and scholarships for student as well. There are also, of course, grants given out by private organizations as well. Many of these are nonprofit companies that want to give needy people a chance to get back on their feet.

If you want to get grant aid, you will need to look at many different grant offers and then send off as many application as you can, provided you meet the grant or scholarship qualifications.

“I need money help” doesn’t have to be something you only thinking about. You can get the financial help that you need.

126 Responses to I Need Money Help

  1. daksha says:

    Dear Sir/ madam,
    I need money for my personal problem because i suffered a lot since the year 2000 because once i got a email that was u win $one million . I was shocked and i ws very happy to saw that news. After that they were demanding more money like processing fee, cost of transfer like that. i lost high amount means 16 lakhs indian amount. i took debt also from people. After we know that they cheating people. i got a message from Netherland. after that they change sim also. we tried so many times but there is no use. But what i had taken amount from neighbours and friends they scolding cheaply.thts why my and my family members are desperated. i can t do work and my parents are aged people. i am suffering from back pain also. what can i do. please anybody help me with kind heart generous people. it is very help ful for me and my family members. If anybody help me I never forget their help till my death. If u have please help me with kind heart. please please please……………………………………………………………….

  2. I’am desparate for one time financial help to cover my rent a few months so i can set aside funds for
    dental visit and glasses. I have been searching and searching grants without much luck. Could you
    advise me on how to get the funds i need?? Thank You

  3. rasathie says:

    plz help me for a child who is studing in russia medicine
    her father met with a acccidend and he cant work she is in the 5th course and need help for her studies.if any body can help her plz call me i will give her details with the telephone no this is my no,oo94729149015 plz help her or she might have to leave the college in two weeks plz plz

  4. Phoenix Robyn says:

    My names are Phoenix Robyn.I am a single parents.I needed an urgent loan for business and clearing of debts.I met a reverend who directed me to Mr.Brown Smith. Brown Smith LOAN who granted me $30,000 USD without stress.Since then I have decided to publish their genuineness all over the internet for those who require loan to see and to avoid being scammed as there are a lot of scammer’s out there. I have been scammed before until I met Mr. Brown Smith my story changed,i know that this will be your loan solution that is why i am sending you this email,so below is the email to reach him. You can contact them on E-mail:
    Name ……………….Brown Smith.

  5. Maria says:

    As I am in need of financial help to pay my children school fees & lots of debts I am unable to pay the interest but if you help me i will repay it back little by little. I am the only source of earning in my family I have to look after 3 persons in my family the money which i get is insufficient. Pls do help me

  6. Timothy says:

    I had just lost my loving Mother last month, and I had been her in- home care giver for 7 years. I am disabled, I was told that I was to young to receive SSI, so I was denied. My family had told me that I would receive the house for taking care of my Mother for all of the years I had been there. Just before she died, two of my brothers wanted to kick me out of my home so they can sell it, but Hospice sent her home to pass. Instead of honoring their word to me, they would have me removed from my home for money sake. I could not even morn my Mothers death, because I am worried about trying to find shelter. My eldest brother is cold hearted , and never loved or respected my mother, he wanted to send her to a convalescent home to die with no dignity . This home was my parents dream home, and I would like to keep the dream alive through my family. I need money to buy the two brothers out of my trust.

  7. Busisiwe says:

    I beg for anyone who can be able to help me pay my school fees,books and accommodation.I m a first year Journalism student.Please good people help me to persue my dream.

  8. Patty says:

    I am in need of help to get back to my family i am stuck in south dakota
    Have no family here Nd wanna get back to my family in iowa
    Please help me

  9. ademola says:

    I need help to move from my present location in Nigeria as terrorist threatens to invade. Pls save my life with any finicial assistant.

  10. neha paandu says:

    I need 50000 for urgently to go for my health treatment.

  11. Sherika Lillian Brown says:

    im a single mother of 3 no help from there fathers or my family i don’t know what to do somebody help us please

  12. zila says:

    i need money. plz help me some money. i want to buy a selephon, to buy a car and a house and to continue my education .
    thanks a lot

  13. Musoke Mike says:

    I need financial help to make my project run well. Am having a washing bay which i need to up grade and put on standard, please help.

  14. Gary Hatlay says:

    My life has been turn up side worked hard but lost everything don’t know what to do found out my wife lying to me she was paying bills by time found out lost our house she would not work to help so work a lot only find out she with another person she giving my money to him so they do drugs or whatever turn my kids aginset me got sick from worrying all the time if there ok no really place take them pay child support bring home less then 200.00 week can’t get a can afford have place feed them gas my van is about break down I guess ran it pours careless about me
    But tired see my kids suffer if u can give anything don’t care what even if it advice to help plz do don’t like it but god said ask may recive knock he may deliver

  15. Aloma says:


    I need some money all my gold is pledged and
    my brother has taken maximum amount of lian he could for my wedding how its quite a large amount to repay need some help

  16. Robert Eagan says:

    Hi I would really like to ask anyone for help I am a father of three and I would really like to go to Tulsa Welding School to become a welder. I really like welding I am 37 years old and I want to become a professional welder to support my family so if anyone could help it would be greatly APPRECIATED thanks Robert Eagan

  17. Rani says:

    I need money 50000 for my childer’s i having finacial problem 1 year before i came to bangalore , but i m working as a admin im geting only 6000 salary i cant mainten home rent and my child helth,

    plz plz help me

  18. David says:

    I need help , my wife left me and I was a worker all the time to give my family the very best of everthing.. now I have got sick and down and have fell behind on my bill lost my insurance ., don’t no what to do but pray to the lord. to save me.. if there any kid people help me I have always gave these is new and so hard to take..

  19. Lakeisha says:

    I m in need for some money to catch up my bills real fast pleases help me out.

  20. tina says:

    I am a mother of four children. I have a job and so does my husband. Unfortunately for us we have been living in a motel for the past three years since we moved out to this town for my husbands job. We did not know how expensive it was and it is just getting worse. we barley have money to keep insurance on our cars to go to our jobs let alone buy food for our children. we just found out the motel is raising there fees and we will be out of a place to live after the 27th of this month. We dot have money for damage deposit on a rental, first moths rent, start up fee for water and electric. my children have not been able to play in a yard for three years. I feel like a failure to my children and to myself. A motel life is not what I wanted. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and I am unable to pay for student loan. I think I am just lost in all this stress. Please some advise before my days are up and we will not have a home.

  21. Pearl Kamolane says:


    I am in a difficult situation, I don’t know what to do and who ask to help me.
    I am working but I can’t afford to pay my debts; my salary is too small. I need someone who would help me borrow me money to settle all my accounts, so I can be to pay one amount a month.

  22. Rubina says:

    I need money 50000 for my childer’s i having finacial problem 1 year before i came to bangalore , but i m working as a admin im geting only 6000 salary i cant mainten home rent and my child helth,my number 03086973551

  23. maggy says:

    i need money to help me buy my own house , with my salary i cant afford anything, please help

  24. zuleikha.Ahmed. says:

    am 36yrs old live in mombasa kenya my husband met with accedent 5 yrs ago and we have two boys age 13/6 we used all our saving on his medical and operation bt nothing work out he is cripple now he uses craches all the burdern is on me am working very hard bt still is nt enough my boys education his medical houserent and all the bill food plz i need help and only God will pay you

  25. laste Banda says:

    I have land but with no capital. Very good for estate housing or office development. Am looking for financial assistance.

  26. Halo need help with money please

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